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How merciful is our God.

In a situation where you have a close call or something frustrating happens we tend to immediately place blame. I know I do, the other day I was getting something out of the hall closet while my sweet husband was in the kitchen. I grabbed a bag of fabric strips upside down, they all fell out onto the floor creating a huge mess. With in a split second I said with a growl "Taylor!" As if he had ANYTHING to do with the situation! I am laughing to myself now as to how ridiculous I was. I think we as humans, maybe even animals do it I don't know.. we blame! Wake up feeling sick- who was I around last that was sick? You are hungry at work- I didn't get a good breakfast because someone drank most of the milk! ect.

Its no ones fault, maybe our brains are just hardwired to doing this, because we see it everywhere!

I am a videographer, and I recently cleaned my camera card with out checking to see if there were pictures on there first. There were.. 100's of them. They were all deleted. I frantically searched my mind for someone to blame besides myself. Then I slowly (I say slowly because if may have taken a few hours to cool down) realized how blessed I was, thats right I said BLESSED! I film weddings and birth stories all the time but the videos on there, were for a personal project I was working on. I could have lost footage of someones memories, a experience in their life that was so precious to them they paid me to come help capture them. Losing those video clips is one of my biggest fears. I was taught a lesson, to slow down and ALWAYS check my card for content before formatting it.

I for some reason needed that lesson, God gave it to me in a way that was intense and frustrating enough to always remember it, but not in a way that would cause me lingering sadness and guilt for years! How merciful is that? As I sat and thought about that and made a conscious choice to be GRATEFUL for that experience I was flooded with a sweet warmth. Memories of other occasions, similar things happening to me came to my mind and I finally understood. I am a stubborn person I don't ever learn things the easy way. God knows me. Several lessons in my life that I have learned have always been that same way. I wont say all, because sometimes things just happen. But most often they are intense enough to always remember but not life altering. Wasting $250 on a T shirt business I thought I would be successful with, I was considering doing something with A LOT more money! My dog attacking another dog who was 2x his size, therefore I learned he had aggression, but no damage was caused. I can sit here and name 100 things! I think you get the idea though.

I am so grateful to be known so well, I am grateful that I decided to choose to be grateful instead of letting trials harden me. I hope this post was insightful. I felt compelled to write it.

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