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I am super into puzzles lately!

Dang its been a HARD transition into winter, and whats embarrassing is its still technically fall! (face palm)

I've been focusing on a lot of things I KNOW make me happy and a huge thing I have understood lately is COLOR.

most of these puzzles you will see are bright, beautiful and just freaking happy! I hope you enjoy!

Here are the puzzles I would recommend

puppy paws 300 $10

Feather puzzle 300 piece $7

Sweet succulent 300 $9

Rose $10 300piece

Colored pencil 500 piece $13

Donut 1000 piece $14

Tiger puzzle $11

This puzzle was way too hard and I lost interest pretty quick. I need to put a piece together at least every minute in order to stay hooked haha.

I dare you to give a try and see if you can actually finish!

Pink tree blossom 1000 piece $10

Here are a few that either were not as HIGH of quality as I would have liked.

mixed rainbow buttons 500 piece $7

Cupcake $12 300piece


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