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"Christmas Magic" service project

My little 6 year old brother lost his life.

My mother couldn’t bare the thought of him not getting a Christmas present.

She came up with an amazing idea as a gift to him, to fill his stocking with notes containing a kindness we gave that day.

The service bug in our family grew. I watched my parents serve and ultimately start a charity foundation in my little brothers name “Landaboards”

After finding financial stability with my little family, my husband and I had the desire to “sponsor a family” for Christmas.

I made a post on a “helping hands” fb page one year, asking if anyone knew anyone in need. I was overwhelmed at the response. After a day I took it down, BECAUSE reading through the stories I couldn’t say NO!

That year we took 4 families. (13 people.)

That experience was so insanely rewarding,

each day I was just on this high!

The next year I posted again asking for nominations and within hours I was again overwhelmed, I took it down.

My limit going in was 10, we ended up taking 17 families.

I felt so strongly peaceful that with help, we could do it.

I watched as my friend community gathered around me.

Hours and hours of donated time; picking up donations, sorting, planning, shopping, & wrapping!

We FREAKING did it!

With two years under our belt and an insanely supportive community, we are taking it on again!

We’d love your help in these ways:

  • Money money money!

(Some of these family’s have nothing. Single parent homes living in a studio hotel, a trailer or crammed in an apartment with another family. Some don’t have BEDS!)

  • NEW clothes, (last year we took used and it was a huge huge headache.)

  • NEW toys (again weeding through games and toys with missing or broken parts was a headache)

  • Non perishable foods! Canned, candy, Crackers, snacks those things are loved!

  • Freezer meal kits.

  • Time! We need help, sorting, wrapping and shopping for gifts.

  • Gift cards for kid-play centers, grocery stores, or going out to eat

  • Gifts for moms or dads! We try to give them a little stocking stuffer too!

  • Sharing this mission! Tag your friends, family, businesses that want to help! We need it!

Literally anything in “great” quality we can find a use for! Household items, Pet items etc.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope your holidays are a little brighter with the magic charity can bring. If you’d like to donate money, every cent goes towards these families. You can Venmo: Nicole-zollinger or PayPal: @kolimedia with the tag “Christmas magic”


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