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Nicole And Taylor are Hoping to Adopt.

The MOST important thing we, as future parents to your little one, want YOU the birth mother to know, is:

Taylor and I will POUR genuine, loving encouragement, validation, and compliments into this child.

Our hearts have been softened and prepared to love this baby as fiercely as we love our two biological children.

Taylor and I want to grow our family, we have enough room in our house, hearts and the financial stability to provide everything this baby will need.

We are hoping to answer any immediate questions you might have here in this blog.

- Tour of our house

- A little bit about Taylor and Nicole

- Why we are hoping to adopt

- Several character and parenting references

Tour of our home

Baby will sleep next to my husband and I for several months. Then when old enough, will have a room right next door, with a baby monitor.

Here are our two Kids rooms

Here is our front room, my absolute favorite room to be in!

Here is our kitchen and where our Family eats.

Here is our family room, where we watch TV and play.

We have a sweetheart black lab, and a fenced back yard.

We have three bathrooms and 5 bedrooms in this house.

AND last but not least, the best spot in the house, a play room!

A little bit about Taylor and Nicole


What to say, when you have to sum up who you are as a person and parent.

I am 32

I am intensely loyal and honor any commitment I make.

I am silly, yet thrive on control and being in charge.

I paint every evening while watching TV with Taylor.

I grow talents that I know will bring me closer to others.

I enjoy hosting gatherings.

I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ. and I live it.


My name is Taylor and I would like to introduce myself. First and foremost, I want you to know that my relationships mean everything to me, especially those of my family and to Christ. I feel one of my biggest strengths is my big heart. I cherish the bonds I create with those close to me and I pray that I can be a light to those around me as much as they are to me. I am beyond blessed to have 2 children who are my best friends. Over the course of my late teen years and early adult years I have grown a very strong relationship with my father and mother and I want to create those same friendships and relationships with my own children. My father taught me what it means to work hard and earn what comes your way and I feel that is an ever growingly important thing to instill it today’s youth. My mother taught me how important it is to laugh and enjoy life around you. They have been the biggest examples of keeping God in your heats and relying on him through life’s trial. It is my true desire to pass these vital life lessons to my children.

Why Adoption?

I have mourned, been stretched and ultimately grown so very much in the last year.

This is all different than the way I thought it would be, but here I am.

This new baby will be MORE than WE ever could deserve.

I confidently say that about a complete stranger because I SEE and understand the sacrifice.

I would never ask that of someone, but if the choice to place your little one for adoption, is already made, I would be so lucky to be considered the safe place for you to land.

I am able to carry my own children, I have.

the past year we've struggled with getting pregnant and then staying pregnant. It's a new trial, one I didn't think would happen.

We've pleaded with our Father in Heaven, to grow our family.

One day I was driving home, the very song that was in our announcement video came on. I was overcome.

I HAVE a child already growing out there. I could FEEL it deep in my soul. I am looking for them, keeping my heart open for them, and ready to LOVE and help you as the mother.

I am trusting in Heavenly Father to guide us together.

Character References:

Kennedy 27 F

I have known Nicky and Taylor for four years now and they are some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

I have watched them raise two beautiful little spirits with so much love and compassion. Whenever challenges arise, Nicky is always willing to dig deeper and do the work to figure out exactly why something is going on with her kids. Instead of just deciding that her son was a picky eater and sending him to bed hungry, she realized that there was a bigger issue and got him into food therapy and works every day to make sure he get the nutrients he needs.

Nicky is an amazing stay home mom and truly loves spending time with her kids. She teaches them in a way that builds them up instead of tearing them down. She truly helps me be a better mom just by watching her. She encourages them and gives them confidence in every aspect of their life. She nurtures their talents and teaches them it’s ok to be silly and goofy and be 100% themselves. She is their biggest cheerleader and their comfort place when they are sad.

Nicky and Taylor have so much love in their hearts and are always finding ways to spread that love to others. Every Christmas they put together a huge charity event where they provide gifts for 9+ families who are in situations that they cannot provide for themselves. It is incredible to watch two people inspire so much love and sense of community. They have a way of bringing people together and making everyone feel loved, valued, and wanted.

Nicky and Taylor are amazing examples for their kids and all of those around them. They have huge hearts and I am so lucky to call them my friends.

Braden 35 M

I grew up with my sister, Nicole, who is only three years younger than me. I have stayed close to

her as we have grown, so I can personally attest that she has had a kind, nurturing personality

her entire life. From animals to people, she cares for all living things. And before she had kids of

her own, she spent years nannying and caring for other people’s children.

I have known Taylor since he married my sister in 2014. He is my first (and only) brother-in-law.

He is someone who always has a positive energy. He’s one who is outgoing and friendly and

great at finding ways to connect with people. Watching him love my sister has been a learning

experience for me. His love and care for my sister through the ups and downs of life has been a

great example.

I was fortunate to live a few miles away from Nicole and Taylor when their first child, T

was born. Seeing my sister and brother-in-law become parents for the first time was special.

They love that little guy so much. And since little SJ, their second child, joined the family

two years later, I have seen Nicole and Taylor blossom into more loving, supportive parents.

They have become excellent teachers when it comes to helping their kids learn how to have fun,

love others, and navigate the emotions of being a tiny human.

One thing that I know is very important to Nicole and Taylor is family—especially relationships

with extended family. They have raised their children to have close, healthy relationships with

their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and more. Though I no longer live near them, I still

stay close with Nicole and Taylor and their kids, and I get to see them multiple times throughout

the year.

I have every confidence that Nicole and Taylor will provide the most loving, healthy, safe, and

supportive home for a new baby—now and into the future.


Braden Thompson

Zach 33yr M

I have known Nicky for over sixteen years. We became friends in high school and have stayed close ever since. She is a very thoughtful person. She has never missed wishing me a happy birthday even if we were miles apart or out of phone contact, I would get a letter or an email! She is a faithful friend and is devoted to those she loves. I have seen the same traits be magnified in her as she has become a mother. When she met my wife, she instantly accepted her as a friend, and has been just as kind to her as she has to me ever since. Our kids are similar in age and it has been fun to watch her raise her kids and be a wonderful mother. Since our kids are similar in age, I understand the challenges with each age and I have seen her and her husband raise their kids well in those hard situation's. I met Taylor at their wedding. He was instantly a guy that would be your best friend if you would let him. Very kind and made you feel welcome.Together they have an awesome marriage and created a wonderful family. He is a good father who spends a lot of time with his kids and takes them to do the things that he loves so that they can learn it. He supports his wife, they are a great example of a great marriage and being great parents. My wife and I have the opinion, that any kid that gets to be a part of their family will be blessed. They will love that child, teach them, and always make them feel special. Their children will be successful because of the love they feel from their parents.

Sharon (Family friend)

I have know Nicole since she was a little girl! She is full of life, loving and kind. She goes out of her way to make others feel loved and excepted. Nicole and Taylor are a beautiful couple who love each other very much and are committed to each other and their children. They have the love and support of a wonderful extended family and friends as they work to grow their own family.

Jameson 31M and Letty 32F

The Zollinger’s Nicky and Taylor are amazing! They are caring, loving parents who put their kids first in everything they do. They care about their children’s learning and growth and they put them in situations where they can develop important skills to be successful in life. They have a strong belief in God and they set an example for their kids of how to live to be happy. They are financially stable and able to care and provide for their children and any others that will join their family. We can say that Nicky and Taylor are incredible individuals who have put a lot of time into deciding they want to adopt. They are excellent parents and love unconditionally. We have been friends with them for 10+ years and they have always been caring, genuine, loyal, giving, and uplifting and we have seen those traits carry into their parenting.

Sincerely, Jameson and Letty Funk Karina 31F Connor 33M

My husband and I have known Taylor and Nicky for about 9 years. My husband met Taylor while working construction in college. He always talked about how hard working and fun Taylor was. When I met Nicky for the first time, she was so welcoming, kind, friendly, and funny. She immediately made me smile and feel loved. Taylor and Nicky are some the kindest, most friendly people I have ever met. We would have couples game nights at their house and there were always at least 4 new people we didn’t know because they had made friends with someone new at school, at work, or just at the park. They carry all of that kindness and warmth into being parents.

Their two kids embody all those same attributes and I know that it is because of the example their parents show to them. They provide the best parenting for each of their children and make sure to parent them based on each child’s individual needs.

They are always striving to make life more fun, make more memories, and be the parents their kids deserve.

Nicky is constantly checking in on those in her life. She strives to make everyone feel so important, loved, and taken care of. She is always the first one to show up for those she loves.

Taylor is extremely hardworking, caring, and sacrifices so much for his family. They really are the perfect couple. Like all couples they have disagreements but they are great at communication, very respectful of each other, kind, and are so in love. Their kids know they are loved and taken care of always because they make every day special and fun.

There isn’t a more worthy couple that I think should have the opportunity to expand their family through adoption.

Chet 35 M

It is with great pleasure and utmost confidence that I write to express my wholehearted support for Taylor

and Nicole's decision for adoption.

I have had the distinct privilege of knowing Taylor for over seven years, since our time together in dental

school. We began as colleagues in the rigorous academic setting of dental school, where Taylor

consistently demonstrated not only an outstanding work ethic but also a profound sense of ethics and

responsibility. His dedication to his studies was evident, and he proved himself an indispensable member

of my personal study group. Taylor's intelligence, perseverance, and genuine concern for others were

unmistakable, setting him apart as someone whom I respect and trust deeply.

Above being a wonderful classmate and colleague, Taylor has been an unwavering and devoted friend to

me and my family. Our friendship has grown over the years, and I have had the privilege of witnessing the

way he extends the same principles of ethics, hard work, and care to all aspects of his life. His

commitment to his family, particularly to his wife Nicole and their children, is truly remarkable. Nicole,

like Taylor, is a person of great character and compassion, and together they have built a loving and stable

family environment.

The decision to adopt is a testament to their loving nature. I have no doubt that Taylor and Nicole would

make an exceptional family for any child fortunate enough to join their lives. Their love for each other

and their children is evident in the way they interact and support one another, creating a warm and

welcoming atmosphere in their home.

As a friend who has shared many meaningful moments with Taylor and Nicole I’ve witnessed firsthand

their parenting qualities in their home. They are well prepared and will excel in this next parenting step.

Their ability to provide love, guidance, and a strong moral foundation for an adopted child is



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