Tayson Jake's Smash Cake

This blog post is a collaboration blog featuring "Kalynphotography's" images and "Nicole Jordyn's" Videography.

Last week Tayson turned ONE!

I had decided years ago that I wanted to make a big deal out of all my babies first birthdays.

So when Tayson's big day was coming up I hit the pinterest boards!

Because Tayson Jakes birthday is in the middle of winter, I wanted to have it indoors.

Our church's gym was free and big so I said.. DEAL!

I had invited a lot of close friends and family, keeping in mind a lot of them have older kids, I wanted to provide a fun thing for them to do. I decided to invest in a bouncy house!

It was totally worth the $80.

"Tayson Jakes Birthday Video" includes:

-my budget and how much I spent on each thing

-videography featuring Tayson eating his smash cake

-everything that went into party planning and setting up

Now what you have all been waiting for!!!

Kalyn Photography presents "Tayson Jakes smash cake session"

(side note, I was super nervous how it was going to go. As a lot of you know.. church gyms can be HIDEOUS and the lighting is terrible! Kalyn brought all the lights and back drops needed to combat that and the pictures turned out AMAZING!)

so a huge thank you to her!

You can check out more of her work at www.kalynphotography.com

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