Baby's 1st Christmas! -photo & Video shoot

Gathering these shots was tedious, time consuming, loud, almost non existent in some cases but, I LOVED EVERY SECOND!

I never realized how much I enjoy working with kids. Some of you may know, my videography business started out as %100 weddings, then I threw a few birth stories in there. 4 years later.. my majority is Product, Business & Children (photo & Video). Its crazy how passions, visions, and in my case, my patience changes!

Enough about me, seriously.. It's time to die of cuteness.. not literally though. I need you to live so you can continue to read my rambling blogs ;)

The baby who inspired this whole blog post was my child Tayson Jake. He is now 11 months old (and yes I cry about it daily) I wanted to do some kind of cute Christmas photoshoot for his monthly insta post. (yes I am one of those moms)

I can NOT get enough of his cute little bum!

Then I forced the poor child to dress up like frosty the snowman..

I don't think he minded though.

as long as I let me hold that paint brush he was a happy camper.. sometimes you got to do what ever it takes to get the shot!

Next we have a "waiting for Santa" shoot !!! AAHHH (me squealing from cuteness)

This is Baby Scout.

3 week old baby girl.

This whole set up took a while. I try and get my angles and lighting and props all set up before I have baby join me. With a LOT of trial and error, and sweet girl waking up and rolling over a million times, or her repositioning her head after we got it in the perfect spot... we got it!

-Side note how GOOD do those cookies look? My client made them and I still think about them.

Next I quite literally shoved her into a stocking. (with moms permission of course!)

This was the easier shoot of the two because she didn't really have a way to move haha.

How cute is this hat? I need to learn to make my own so I can stop spending a million dollars on props!

The next shoot was the hardest but also my favorite because who doesn't love DOUBLE the cuteness?

thats right TWINS!

baby Hutch and Baby Cal 2 1/2 months old

This is my absolute favorite pic! although it was quite a process to get it! We had to put the babies in the "doc-a-tot" at the exact same time. If one baby was happy the other one was sad! -at least they took turns!

Mama Whit had to jump in quite a few times to calm them down & fix their Santa hats! She is amazing!

You can see at the top a blur.. thats totally her phone! trying to get them to look at the camera!

-Close enough!


This next shoot was the Easiest & sweetest shoot of all because little Addie is such a DREAM baby!

little Addy 7 months old

I just CAN NOT handle her sweetness!

I got this box from dollar tree (just asked if I could have one they were done with!) and then I wrapped it. Please don't look too close.. I am the WORST present wrapper haha.

This post was mainly focused on Photography, but here are the video shots I did get! Hope you enjoyed!

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