Shame on me, Shamus.

I am 9 months pregnant, as I am flying down the freeway my cars tire bursts.

I pull over at the next exit, feeling frustrated and annoyed. I am now going to be late to my eyelash appointment! My day has been full of car troubles and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. This was just the icing on the cake.

I get out of the car and assess the damage. I call my husband for help, knowing he doesn't have a way to come get me because like I stated earlier his car was in the shop. I am hoping he can talk me through replacing a tire. As I pull my phone out I realize I am in a spot with no service.. "JUUUUUST GREAT.."

I pull out the spare tire and jack from the trunk, which is way heavier and harder to grip (remember I am 9 months pregnant) than I anticipated. I kneel down and try my best to raise the car up with the jack. Mind you, it's December and the ground is soaking wet with melted snow slush. I am twisting and wiggling and getting absolutely nowhere. "Why is this so freaking hard?" I mumble under my breath.

I am a weirdo and really hate when people offer to help me, it might be my pride, my social anxiety talking with strangers or just because I don't want to feel weak and embarrassed.

After 5 min of struggling I lose my patience and stop. I decide to say a prayer and specifically ask God to "help me realize what I am doing wrong, and figure it out by myself." As I am saying "amen" I hear a car door slam shut on the other side of my car.. "damnit!!!" I scream in my head. I look up and see a young man. Piercings and tattoos galore. He smelled of smoke. Just looking at him you could tell he had made some not so great choices. "Hey I'm Shamus" he said with a smile. "Can I help you?.. are you Pregnant?" This kid was someone I would not expect to go out of his way to help someone. He was rough around the edges. He was.. a freaking DELIGHT! Shamus extended his hand and greeted me with no agenda, no hope for personal gain. He patiently taught me what I was doing wrong and let me do it so I could learn. He told me about himself and he validated my pathetic efforts. Within minutes I was good to go. I must have thanked him a hundred times!

As I was about to back up my car I glanced over at him. I saw him blow into his breathalyzer and start his car. My eyes filled with tears as I watched him drive away. I was so overwhelmed with the love God has for him. His child who was doing his very best. His child who took the time to help, while dozens of others passed by. His child who listened to the spirit and answered my prayer.

To this day when I think about that experience I am reminded of the unconditional love God has for all of us. He loves us all the same, no matter our choices. Although, I feel like Shamus could be one of his secret favorites ;)

For those wondering, I have searched for him on social media and have yet to find him! When I do, i'll let him know in a casual.. non creepy way how much God loves him.

Not everything I say is fact, but its my truth.

-Nicole Jordyn

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