Surprise Couple Wedding!

First off this wedding was so fun for me, because I had no idea what the bride and groom even looked like! I know.. I usually do some stalking before the wedding so I can be sure to know I have the right couple. In this case It was in Manti, and they were the only wedding that day. I also did know the bridesmaids and groomsmen were wearing sky blue.. so I felt like I was good. ;)

To my surprise out walk this beautiful, beautiful couple! I work mostly in Utah, most of my couples are white and Blonde! I was so grateful for the opportunity to bring some diversity to my portfolio!

Even though This couple only wanted me to capture their Wedding Day, I just HAD to pull them aside and get some detail shots and a few formal shots :) They were both so fun and easy to work with. I loved how blunt Elisha was! She reminded me of me! I hope you guys enjoyed the video! thank you for reading!

Not everything I say is fact, but its my truth.

- Nicole Jordyn

If any of you ever want me to do any sort of Video for you or a loved one, feel free to shoot me an email I would LOVE to capture your fleeting moments.

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