Baby Finn's Birth story

I decided to kick my self in the Butt and get my blogging life together!

So those of you who are Subscribed (yay I love you, you are my best friends), I hope you will be excited to hear... I will be posting a blog EVERY. FREAKING. MONDAY.

For those of you who don't know.. I am a Videographer!

I was called in at 4:45 AM March 12 to do a birth story. Birth stories are my PASSION! (insert heart eyes emoji) Yes, most of my birth stories happen in the wee hours of the AM.

Yes, I usually am chillin in the hospital for 3-10 hours. Yes, I get to witness the miracle of life from a front row seat.. how many people can say (besides gynecologists) they have watched several women they didn't even know give birth?

Thats right I get to wear these dope delivery pass necklaces.. they are SO stylish.

When I first arrived, not a lot was going on. I actually just played on my phone for a few hours while the cute couple took a nap.

Hospitals need to get their crap together and heat their buildings better! I mean am I alone in thinking this?? I am ALWAYS freezing .. it's my fault I should have worn a coat..

After literally 6 hours of waiting and my poor client playing cat and mouse with her contractions surfacing through the Epidural -she was a freaking champ by the way!

baby finally decided he was ready to come!

Here are a few stills I got (mind you I am NOT a photographer)

I truly enjoyed getting the opportunity to work with such a darling couple! Meeting both of their mothers and last but not least, getting to be one of the first to meet baby Finn!

Congrats to this darling couple on adding a new little one to their family! Thank you!

Full video link below

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