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Things short girls hear a lot

Let me start off by saying, I am not sure if EVERY short girl hears these things.. but I most certainly do!

Some of these comments I actually can laugh about now, some still make me irritated, and some are just fillers.

I am short, I am blonde, I am a girl these are all facts that add up to some how equal the rights to others to make fun of me.

I have grown a thick skin through the years, and I am actually made fun of WAY less now then when I was in school! When I say "made fun" I mean it in a joking, I never wanted to go home and cry myself to sleep kinda way.. I am sorry and my heart goes out to all those who actually do get made fun of/ bullied, that is a serious thing.. but we will not be getting into that today!

over 15 years of being called out on my stature, Here is my list of the most unusual and kinda mean, but a little bit funny ways people have dared talk to me.

"Can I hold you?"

I used to get this ALL THE TIME from 4th grade to 6th grade.. like I wasn't even that much smaller than my school mates, maybe it was this maternal instinct growing inside them and they had no other opportunities to express it but.. come on!

"You look like some one cut off your legs and smashed you down with a giant hammer"

I kid you NOT, this sentence was in NO WAY enhanced it is verbatim and it was uttered to me by none other than a middle aged woman working at the temple! Needless to say I smiled kindly at her and said "you flatter me."

Stranger- "Can I ask you a question? Me- "um yes?" S- "I am really confused by you, your body looks like you are older but your face looks so young" Me- "So whats your question"

I mean come on? What mother is not teaching their child social skills?

"Can I ask you something, Do you like this bracelet? I am looking for a gift for my 11 year old granddaughter what kind of things do you guys like?"

This was asked No joke LAST YEAR.. I am in my 20's now..

"So are you excited to graduate high school?" Small talk from a stranger.. again this was LAST YEAR

My teacher standing next to me: "I feel tall" Me: "I feel pretty"

"Hows the weather down there?"- Literally every one

"you are the perfect arm rest, are you done growing?"

YES I am done.. no I don't want to support the weight of your fat arm!

"I think you are lying lets get a tape measure"

why must every one humiliate you! if you are lying about your height you are obviously insecure about it.. guys don't shame them even more by actually measuring them!

I have been picked up, volunteered to be on the top of pyramids or in the air, I have been caught climbing on countless surfaces to reach countless things, I have been denied my own seat in a car and assigned a lap, Ive been bench pressed,

I have been told I was short by people who honestly thought I didn't know! So many fantastic life memories to cherish.

My friend opened her apartment door one time holding her 1 year old and the lady asked her if her mom was home.. so I guess that makes me feel a little bit better.

There are literally 1,000's more times that I am sure I can't recall due to my brain blocking them out! I cant make this stuff up people! I hope you enjoyed maybe got a good laugh! Being short is definently not the worst thing in the world! I have grown so much because of it blah blah blah

Love you guys! Ill write again next week! If you want to share go right ahead!

Type it up Tuesdays

Nicole Jordyn

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