I am just as good as Logan Paul

I recently came across this youtuber/ social media influencer named Logan Paul.

If the heart eyes emoji could ever happen in real life thats what my face would look like, clicking away at each new vlog he posted. He is simply hilarious. A little crude with a potty mouth, but hilarious nonetheless. After I watched about 5 of the vlogs I did however start to put myself down. He has this insane ability to maintain a high (like super high) level of energy. His vlogs are easily 13 min long, and he posts every day! I did attempt to compete, I made a video trying to mimic him and be as crazy and funny. I got maybe 1/3 of the way done and I was just out.. I had no desire to film any more, it wasn't fun for me. I was never going to be as dope as him and that frustrated and saddened me.

A few days later a good friend of mine came over and we had a fun day laughing and just chillin out. after she went home she sent me a text saying " I really would like to hang out more with you, I mean it. Being around you was light, happy, and fun and I want more of that in my life."

Then it hit me. The whole reason I even started doing youtube wasn't to be a entertainer. I never wanted to have that pressure, expected to be hilarious all the time and almost taken for granted if your jokes don't land. That isn't even my talent. I mean I am pretty funny sometimes.. ;)

I started doing youtube, and having the desire to grow on social media so I can be a influencer for good. So that young girls can know that there are men who will treat you amazing and you don't have to settle with contentment. (hence why I try to include Tay in my vlogs.. and side note.. he is so amazing)

I want people to watch my stuff and feel uplifted, and to know that even if they sit around at their house all day not traveling the world, that their life is still great. I want people to see me looking my worst and knowing I still think i'm beautiful, so maybe they will be less harsh on themselves. I want to encourage people to be their best selves, maybe do some good deeds. But most importantly I want people to see the light of Christ in my eyes and wonder how it got there. I want to share it. I want to be an influencer for good.

I think everyone has .. no I KNOW every one has talents. Logan Paul is just (heart eyes) He has a true talent for what he does. I will never be like him, and thats ok. My mission is something else. So is yours. Find your job! Find your talent and use them to better other peoples lives. I am just as good as a 7 million followed man on youtube. You are just as good as me.

Not everything I say is a fact but these are my truths

Nicole Jordyn

Nix and Joe Joe

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