Why I Strongly disliked Disney's "new" Beauty And The Beast

Ug here we go another dumb rant! The only reason I am writing about this is because EVERYONE and their dog it seems just adores the new version, I mostly just keep my opinion to myself, but when I do share that I did not enjoy it, people literally need to pick their jaws up off of the ground! The very next thing that happens almost as a reflex is they ask (dumbfoundedly) WHY?! .. I have several reasons as to why. Although I never get to say them because my first response is immediately interrupted with defending the movies honor. I realize every time three things; I wont sway their opinion, people just love disney ( which I TOTALLY do too) people are just used to hearing and enjoying awful music.

I know, I know before I even typed this sentence you are probably thinking "BUT THE BEASTS SONG!!??" Yes I will admit that as well as Gestons song was phenomenal!

Here is where my real issues with this movie are.

Belle. Literally everything about why this movie didn't take me away, was her. I LOVE Emma Watson, believe me I do. She is insanely talented. She is gorgeous. She CANT sing. I am still a little erked that she was chosen.. like seriously WHY? why did she need to be chosen for the lead? I am not disappointed in every one who thought she sounded great, even when the trailer was going around people were commenting like mad men about how gorgeous her voice was. I am disappointed by the fact we are spoon fed awful auto tuned music throughout every day, its literally everywhere you go. I miss the good old days where people would sing live, or you would hear a raw recording and it was good enough because it was real. I may be a little more biased because I majored in vocal performance.. but I would hope people can recognize that everything about her singing was fake, not every one has that talent. Thats what is so great about the world everyone has their own talents. I may be old fashioned but I think if you are going to cast a MUSICAL.. then maybe your stars should have that talent.

I was honestly truly hoping for the same essence of the cartoon to be captured in this film including everything about Bell. Besides the fact that Emma looks more like a hot librarian than a sweet princess, Disney is now (as well as pretty much every film company) trying to jump on the band wagon with making all the girls characters; fearless, brave, independent, strong, and sassy. Not every girl is like that. one of the things I loved most about Bell in the cartoon is she is as brave as she can be, she takes her fathers place and then she cries. She make a promise so she somberly tries to keep it. She doesn't try to escape as soon as the doors closed, she made a commitment so she stays and tries to make the best of it. I think thats what makes it so much more of a big deal when the beast gives her, her freedom back.

I am in no way saying I support that relationship I am just saying for the symbolism, and emotional pull of the movie I felt like this was a important part. Bell was selfless but not fearless.

I could go on and on about how I thought they should have cut the part of her mother out, or made it more obvious, the reason why it was introduced was so she could better relate to the beast losing his mother, and in turn see him in a new light. Or how most of the acting was dull and strongly lacking when compared to the voice actors in the cartoon version.

Lafou was simply amazing. He was a coward in the cartoon but you could see a decent man. In this movie I thought they did a great job by having him feel bad about leaving Bells father in the forest yet doing nothing about it.

As for the theory floating around that the village was in a time loop, explains why they didn't age. Why they did the same thing every morning. Why Bell seemed odd to them ( her family moved there after the spell was cast) and why Morice was able to find the castle, when no one else has. I love it.

All in all it was a decent movie only if, you have never seen the cartoon and had nothing to compare it to. If that is the case I feel badly for you. For some reason the cartoon is very special to me. Which explains why I am so passionate about the new version. Now if you excuse me I am going to go watch it.

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