First blog EVER?!

wow, ok this is weird. I never considered myself a writer.. actually that is not true, I minored in creative writing.

my punctuation is not going to be perfect fare warning! I will do my best to make sure its legible, thank goodness for auto correct am I right?

First I would like to start with addressing why I am even doing this, now Ill be honest I usually don't read other peoples blogs, I honestly have no idea how they work, or how people get paid to write them. I mean that would be fantastic if this thing took off, but that isn't the goal here. I am writing this for myself because I am the WORST at remembering things unless they are written down. I often forget that I have a great life because I don't write down all the funny, really cool experiences that happen to me every day! So here is my tiny attempt at being better about that.

Things I am doing right now:

I am no longer nannying full time, my dear husband is taking one for the team and is letting me try to build my videography business and my Youtube business.. I feel weird calling it that but I guess that is what it is. It is growing slowly but surely. I have been working on my youtube for 6 months learning new things every day, man the things that go into growing it and driving traffic to your channel are CRAZY but I would say that I am pretty knowledgable as of now and am starting to see growth of 4 new people a day (on average) which is like the most exciting thing ever to me!

My daily life is a mix of helping my dad with his Real Estate business, (videos, running errands, putting pop-bys together ect.) learning new songs on my guitar and (soon to receive free piano.. CRAZY right?!) taking my extremely NEEDY dog out every 5 min (it seems) and hustling my butt off on social media using: Pinterest, youtube, Facebook, instagram and email! If you are curious as to how i'm growing my business through that maybe ill write a blog on it.

Not going to lie this is kinda fun.. I don't remember the last time I have taken time to sit and just write.

i'm a lot more entertaining than I thought I would be (at least to myself I am)

For those of you who don't know me at all, here is what you need to know.

I am always joking/ trying to be funny when I say something extremely cocky about myself. My favorite person in the world is my husband, I am borderline obsessed with him. My mom is literally my best friend -she is just a great person. I love all animals and would go above and beyond to help any of them. (tangent, (by the way I go off on a TON of tangents)) My dog Rydge (who is so handsome) Always brings me birds in his mouth, they are never dead. I don't know WHERE he gets them, or why he brings them to me. He carries them so gently in his mouth and drops them before me. I get so mad (internally) because I cant just let them die! So I drive 30 min out of my way to take them to a bird refuge where they care for injured birds. It is very time consuming and I do not enjoy it. I do it because I could never just stand by and let them die. This story was relevant.

I am passionate about Music, I have been trying to record the song "Say you wont let go" on the guitar and I literally CANNOT make it half way with out crying, I love everything about it! -I guess you didn't NEED to know that about me but what the hay I threw it in there as a bonus ;) And last but not least I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I would love to tell you more if you want to know more, but the purpose of this blog is not to convert. I only mention it because it is literally the reason I am the way I am. I would (89 % sure) be a alcoholic or just down in the dumps with a million problems, miserable. I think this, simply because I have a very addictive personality (candy crush every day for 2 years) and I have really bad anxiety, if I didn't know better I would prob turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. I was raised to know better (thank you mom and dad) -tangent again.

Needless to say I have a lot on my mind so I think this blog thing could be beneficial. Thats all for now see you next post! (I mean I wont literally see you, but you know what I mean)

-Nicole Jordyn out.

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